Vistara to take off on 9th January with launching flights on three routes

Posted On Dec 22, 2014

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(L to R) Vistara crew members flank Rashmi Soni Head Corporate Communication, Phee Teik Yeoh, CEO, Vistara, Giam Ming Toh, COO, Vistara, Kishore Mardikar, Head-Marketing, Vistara.

Vistara to take off on 9th January 2015 with launching flights on three routes

Vistara’s inaugural flights will take off on January 9, 2015 on three routes such as Delhi-Mumbai, Delhi-Ahmedabad and Ahmedabad-Mumbai. The full-service carrier has unveiled its product, brand music, in-flight meal service and Frequent Flyer Program- Club Vistara. The airline also announced strategic partnerships with Taj Group and SIA, and unveiled its tagline ‘Fly the new Feeling’.

Aiming to transform the air travel experience in India, Vistara, the full-service carrier of TATA SIA Airlines Limited, unveiled its unique product and service elements that will fulfill its core brand promise. The full service carrier will take off on January 9, 2015 with Delhi-Mumbai, Delhi-Ahmedabad and Ahmedabad-Mumbai as its initial routes. The attention to detail in fulfilling its commitments, made when the brand was unveiled, is clear. The hassle-free check-in and boarding process, with intuitively thoughtful on-board experience, comfortable and spacious seating coupled with carefully selected meals will deliver a seamless service experience to Vistara customers.

Vistara also unveiled its tagline ‘Fly the new Feeling’, encouraging its potential customers to explore the product and feel the difference. The aural identity (brand music) of Vistara, embodies the spirit of the “carefree” world citizen connected with the emotion of the “caring” Indian soul created by a leading sonic branding agency - Brandmusiq, was also launched at the event.

Interacting with the media at the event, Phee Teik Yeoh, Chief Executive Officer, Vistara, said, “Today we unveiled our long-awaited product and service elements that are a manifestation of our brand promise of delivering a seamless and personalized travel experience. My entire team and I are ready and committed to putting the joy back into flying, by being intuitively thoughtful and responsive to our customers’ needs at every stage of their travel experience. We thank everyone – our partners and well-wishers for supporting us in our journey so far. Let’s begin the New Year with a new airline and a new flying experience. We look forward to seeing you onboard soon.”

Giam Ming Toh, Chief Commercial Officer, Vistara, said, “We have all been waiting a long time for this. Today we share with you details about our carefully conceived product and services, specially designed to ensure a joyful and seamless travel experience. Within three weeks, our first flight will take off and we hope to give our customers a memorable experience through the blending of our innovative spirit with traditional Indian hospitality”

Leveraging on relationships with like-minded service organisations, Vistara is working on interline sales agreements and other partnerships with a few major international airlines including Singapore Airlines and SilkAir. These partnerships, more details of which will be shared later, will give customers of our partner airlines easier access to sectors serviced by Vistara. Further development of these partnerships will bring additional benefits to Club Vistara members and strengthen our value proposition.

Vistara also announced a strategic partnership with the Taj Group, India’s largest hospitality company. With a common objective to enhance the travel experience for our mutual customers, the partnership will eventually include tie-ups which will benefit members of the Taj Inner Circle (TIC) and Club Vistara loyalty programs.

Seamless Check-in experience
To ensure a hassle-free and seamless check-in experience for customers, Vistara’s innovative customer interface will offer four different ways to check-in, including an auto check-in facility, a first in domestic travel in India. Besides web check-in and check-in via the mobile app, Vistara will also provide personalized service and dedicated counters, as well as designated queues, for passengers to check in at the airport. Further enhancing the seamless experience, travellers with hand baggage can proceed for security once they check in at the mobile tablet service offered by Vistara customer service representatives.

Personalized comfort in the skies
Vistara’s 148-seater A320-200 will offer three cabin classes– Business (16 seats), Premium Economy (36 seats), and Economy (96 seats). The Vistara Business Class seats with 42” pitch, the largest by any domestic airline in India, offers exceptional leg room coupled with extendable leg and foot rests. Height adjustable head rests along with personal storage space ensures enhanced comfort. This coupled with exquisite and varied dining presented with linen and bone china service; add up to the finest flying experience awaiting the traveller on Vistara.

Vistara is the first full service carrier in India to introduce the ‘Premium Economy’ class. Customers here will enjoy extra space and ample legroom along with longer armrests, winged leather headrests and individual coat hooks. The dining experience in Premium Economy will be well plated with wholesome meal service.

Economy passengers will experience the comfortable leather seats with winged headrests and longer armrests accompanied with ample legroom. Travelers in Economy will enjoy interesting variety in meals, packed in smart boxes.

The interiors have been designed keeping in mind the customers’ comfort and the onboard service is replete with the thoughtful nuances and an attentive dedicated crew. The color palate is rich and distinct with royal aubergine and classy grey, creating a relaxing and soothing ambience.

Meals and Dining
The chefs who worked on the Vistara menu have curated a special dining experience using fresh and locally sourced ingredients to prepare healthy meals to ensure that passengers arrive at their destination feeling light and fresh. An eclectic mix of international and modern Indian dishes which incorporate non-traditional ingredients for unique yet familiar flavours will be on offer. The menus will change every week and will only reappear every 4 weeks to continuously offer new dining experiences for frequent travellers.

A choice of two non-vegetarian and one vegetarian meal will be offered in business and premium economy, while in economy there will be a choice of one each. Additionally, there are 17 special meals for customers who require these for either dietary, religious, or medical reasons. Customers with special dietary requirements will need to book the same while booking their tickets or at least 24 hours in advance through our Customer Service Center.

Feel exclusive with Club Vistara
Airline’s frequent flyer program, Club Vistara, is an innovative loyalty program specially designed to benefit the customers. Its value-based accrual scheme, will enable customers to earn points basis the money spent by them. Keeping up with the times, Vistara has done away with the physical cards. Customers can start enrolling for the program through Vistara website and download their Club Vistara loyalty card. Additional bonus points can also be accrued as customers get upgraded to become Silver and Gold Members. Another unique feature of this program is Family Pooling which allows up to six members of a family to pool their points which can be redeemed by any one of them. Vistara will also be partnering with a few brands from the airline and non-airline space to extend benefits/redemption of points to their members thereby enhancing engagement with them.

Mobile App Accessibility, which will come shortly, will offeron-the-go account access.

BrandMusiq, a leading sonic branding agency, has created Vistara’s aural identity with its brand positioning at the core. The mogoscape (soundscape for a brand) will express the spirit of the “carefree” world citizen with the emotion of the “caring” Indian soul. Western musical influences such as the piano, guitar, and drums form the foundation to convey the spirit of a “carefree world citizen, while Indian overtones of the sitar, flute, voice, and tabla are used to reflect the intuitively thoughtful and caring Indian soul.

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