Terrorists Attacks in Tunisia and Kenya

Posted On Apr 13, 2015

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​Terrorists’ Attacks in Tunisia and Kenya

The President of UFTAA has written letters of support and solidarity to both Mohamed Ali Toumi, President of FTAV - the Federation of Tunisian Travel and Tourism Agents and to KAKA Shafi, President of KATA - the Kenya Association of Travel Agents, after the massacres at the Bardo National Museum in Tunis, where a number of mostly European tourists were killed, followed by the slaughtering of innocent students, still in their childhood, at the Kenyan Garissa University.

The whole world was shocked to watch news of both attacks. The world has been reeling from these terrorists’ attacks that are now happening too often. Terrorism has no limits to humanity and the world is now experiencing one of its worst periods when such barbarity is gathering momentum. Terrorists are robbed of their humanity and every time they strike they graft yet another deep scar on the face of the earth.

UFTAA hopes that such dreadful attacks on innocent people will not be repeated and augurs that tourism to both Tunisia and Kenya will not be marred by such acts. It calls upon governments to work harder to eliminate such barbaric acts. Terrorism is a cancer that must be eradicated.

UFTAA believes that the industry of Travel and Tourism helps PEACE to grow. The foreign exchange earnings from this industry do not only help the receiving country’s economy but also the authorities to educate present and future generations to live together in harmony.

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