We are institutionalizing our operation in line with modern practices

Posted On Jun 25, 2014

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Success of a business organization depends to a great extent on its ability to understand ever changing trends in the world like changes in behaviour of people, and technological advancement, and a hotel company is no different. These days Internet, Mobile and various forms of social media play key roles in distribution and marketing of hotels.

Lemon Tree Hotels has grown enormously over the years. Having made a pan-India presence, the hotel company is now focusing on institutionalisation of its various processes to deliver quality services to its customers and to engage with them seamlessly. Lemon Tree Hotels are not only adopting these facets of modern life but also institutionalise them in its organization. Keeping pace with its growth and expansion, the company is institutionalising every aspect of its operation including sales and marketing, online visibility and social media. The hotel chain has brought about a fair amount of changes in its website in line with modern changes in the world. “There have been fair amount of changes in our website. With these changes now we have a robust website, which is able to seamlessly integrate with new forms of social media,” said Rattan Keswani, Deputy Managing Director, Lemon Tree Hotels.

Institutionalisation is considered a key concept in performance optimization. Institutionalisation becomes more important for a large organisation to get desired result without any glitches. A large organisation working on a larger scale requires institutionalisation of its works to address the challenges that come along with growth of the organisation, and also to operate in a systematic way.

“We are institutionalising our various processes, which have become imperative for us with the expansion of our portfolios and operations,” said keswani.

“When your organization is small, it can be operated directly by few people, but when it becomes large, you will have to institutionalise processes in modern ways to operate your organisation effectively,” said Keswani, adding that “as our company is expanding we need to institutionalise our operation to deliver seamless experience.”

“The world is changing around; social media is also changing. In order to keep pace with these changes, we will have to keep our system robust. Our distribution channels, both traditional and modern, have to be robust. So we are always in line with all modern practices related to online marketing, distribution channels, social media, our website and its reach, mobile application and mobile website. We began all these last year but now they are being institutionalised. Now we have our mobile website running. In the next six months we will also launch mobile app.

Lemon Tree Hotels offers its customers a consistent service and experience across its hotels. “Delivering quality services with consistency to our guests has been hallmark of our company,” said Keswani.

In another change, Lemon Tree has renamed its Reward programme. It has now been renamed as Lemon Tree Smiles. The Progrmm is very robust and has been very well received by its guests. “Until the last year we have 100,000 captive regular members for our reward programme. By the end of this year this number is expected to reach 300, 000.

Lemon Tree primary focus has been on domestic business travellers. Now the hotel chain also intends to launch a luxury brand in India in association with an international hospitality chain. The company’s foray into luxury segment will largely depend on the economic revival in the country.


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