Madhya Pradesh Tourism organizes a get-together for the travel trade and hospitality fraternity of the capital

Posted On May 18, 2015

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Madhya Pradesh Tourism organizes  a get-together for the travel trade and hospitality fraternity of the capital 
Madhya Pradesh Tourism organized  a get-together for the travel trade and hospitality fraternity of the capital to give them an experience of the essence of the state at a grand function held at New Delhi on the 15th of May 2015. 
The get-together that showcased destinations, handicrafts, tribal dance forms, cuisine, Tourism Year, Simhastha 2016 and investment opportunities in the state was attended by a galaxy of people from travel trade, industry associations, trade associations, media and dignitaries from various walks of life. 
Once upon a time, Madhya Pradesh was regarded as one of the BIMARU states of India, but not anymore. This rapid transformation into the fastest growing state of the country has been made possible by a progressive government that believes delivery and that too with compassion at the core of all its activities. It is also fortunate that tourism continues to be one of the key focus areas of the state government with the result that the resurgence of this sector in the state has been widely noticed and appreciated in recent years, both within the country and outside. The excellent work done in this sector has also received widespread recognition in the form of innumerable awards received by Madhya Pradesh Tourism in various forums.
And the government continues to regard tourism as an instrument of growth, change and poverty alleviation. Its commitment to give a further thrust to this sector through its progressive policies, incentives and measures towards facilitation is indeed a sign of a very bright future for this sector in this state.
God has also been highly benevolent. The unparalleled variety and richness of tourist destinations sprinkled around the state make it a veritable tourist paradise to an extent that the state indeed conveys the essence of the nation to all its visitors. On a lighter vein it can be said that we have a problem of plenty in so far as tourist attractions, known and unknown is concerned.
Moreover other factors such as locational advantage leading to ease of access, beautiful landscape, superior standards of cleanliness, a safe and secure environment and simple populace, all go together to add tremendous value and appeal to the plethora of tourist attractions in the state.
The government has gone many steps further in its quest to realize the true tourism potential of the state by adopting a very progressive tourism policy, making a land bank and also offering attractive incentives to investors desirous of investing in the tourism sector in the state. These incentives can be availed of through a transparent online process.
Madhya Pradesh has now emerged as the leading state of the country not only in the tourism sector but many other sectors as well. This get-together was a major step in the direction of strengthening this perception and attracting tourists as well as tourism investment in the state.

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