MaximRMS & RezNext partner to demystify revenue management for hoteliers

Posted On Apr 15, 2015

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MaximRMS & RezNext partner to demystify revenue management for hoteliers
​​Maxim Revenue Management Solutions (MaximRMS), a world leader in pricing, forecasting and profit optimisation technology for the hospitality industry, and RezNext, a leading real-time distribution technology company, are pleased to announce their strategic partnership.

Through this partnership, RezNext is distributing a custom-tailored version of the MaximRMS e.FLEX revenue management system throughout India, Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia. Named “ReV powered by Maxim”, the MaximRMS revenue management system is fully integrated with the complete suite of RezNext products.

Mike Kistner, Chief Executive Officer, RezNext Global Solutions, said “Revenue management, especially in emerging markets like India has been mostly adopted by the large chains and 5 star properties. With this partnership with Maxim, we are demystifying revenue management by providing a simple technology solution that can provide the most advanced analytics. ReV powered by Maxim will empower revenue managers across all star categories of hotels to understand demand periods better, identify booking pace and leverage recommendations to optimise revenue. The solution is fully integrated with PMS, GDS and OTA channels, along with competitive, reputation, and other data streams. Adding our own custom-tailored revenue management product directly addresses our local market’s needs, helping hotels become more profitable and make better pricing and distribution decisions.”

According to Steven Gelb, CEO of MaximRMS, “We are excited to expand our worldwide reach by welcoming RezNext to our strategic partners program. RezNext offers industry leading distribution technology, local market knowledge and presence. We are very happy that RezNext has chosen the MaximRMS technology as their revenue management solution.”

Select Features and Benefits

Increase Profit
- High ROI revenue management capabilities that increase your revenues and profits
- Patented, proven technology generates higher ADR, greater occupancy, and more profits
- Improve RevPAR from the first night of use – 6-15% revenue increase
Save Time
- Revenue-at-risk alerts guide high-value user actions for a single or multiple properties
- Just 15 minutes per day per hotel to review and control the performance, rates and controls
- Quick scan across properties with advanced business intelligence dashboards
Beat Competition
- Proven to outperform competing revenue management systems by 36%
- Improve revenues and profitability across all properties
- Competitive rate and performance data enables intelligent response to competitor actions

Maxim® Revenue Management Solutions (MaximRMS) provides the easiest to use and most effective suite of revenue maximisation systems available. Installed in over 3,000 hotels, the MaximRMS software is powered by patented mathematical algorithms that evolved from the most successful profit optimisation technology underpinning the travel and transportation industry for three decades.

The newest version has the unique ability to dynamically respond to emerging travel trends, price sensitive distribution channels, competitive position, and complex customer segmentation. Operators using MaximRMS have been able to outpace their competitive sets on average over 25%.

Superior performance, significantly lower total cost of ownership than similar systems, and large scale rapid deployment – for example, to over 65,000 rooms in 13 weeks – maximise ROI and produce a payback measured in weeks.
MaximRMS e.FLEX has been designed and built for large international hotel organisations with multiple brands, complex segmentation, and properties of every size, type and business mix, ranging from 5,000 room convention hotels to small select service properties.

With MaximRMS e.FLEX, customers

- Improve RevPAR from the first night of use,
- Speed response to competitive actions and changes in consumer behavior,
- Increase decision-making efficiency, and
- Improve profitability across all properties.

For more information, please visit or call +1 773 572 2060. MaximRMS is constantly looking to expand its revenue management scope through mutually beneficial partnerships. If you would like to partner with us, email your proposal to

RezNext is the world’s only true real-time distribution management solution provider. It empowers hotels to adopt a distribution strategy that simplifies the complex global distribution environment and makes it understandable and manageable. It is integrated with revenue management, operating intelligence and powered with reputation management insights.

At the core of our distribution offering is the real-time two-way connect between a hotel’s property management solution and thousands of electronic channels, helping hotels improve visibility, distribute effectively 24/7, and most importantly, drive revenues.

RezNext’s portfolio of offerings include real-time two-way PMS connect, intelligent distribution platform, revenue management, reputation management, internet booking engine, online travel agent (OTA) connect, GDS connect, rate shopper solution, campaign management, hotel operating intelligence and the BriDge program.

This growing range of solutions is available to all hotel segments from independent hotels to large chain hotels, business hotels, resorts and service apartments.

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