Israel expects growth in leisure and MICE movement from India

Posted On Apr 24, 2015

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‘Israel expects growth in leisure and MICE movement from India’
The Israelis have seen mainly pilgrimage tours and now post TAFI CONVENTION they expect growth in leisure and MICE movement from India, says Hassan Madah, Director, India, Israel Ministry of Tourism.

Q. According to you how was the recent convention of TAFI that was held in Jerusalem?
The convention was a huge success. It was the first time that so many Indians from the travel fraternity visit Israel and get to see the country first hand. It shows also that conventions in high level can be done in Israel, regardless the connectivity issues, visa requirements etc. The members of TAFI enjoyed high quality speakers from Israel and India. Also, great tours in the city of Jerusalem during the convention and tours all over the country in the pre and the post tours. In addition, the members enjoyed gala events with cultural shows including dances, mind reader and more.

Q. How will Israel as a tourist destination benefit from the TAFI convention?
As I said, the successful convention shows to the travel agents in India that marketing Israel as a destination can be done and people will like it, especially when TAFI members have seen the place in their eyes and can talk about the place from their experience.

Q. How was the response of Israeli tourism industry to this convention?
The Israelis were very happy to see for the first time so many people from the travel fraternity of India in Israel. It never happened before. The Israelis have seen mainly pilgrimage tours and now they expect and ready to have Leisure and MICE movement.

Q. How did government of Israel support the convention to make it successful?
The Ministry of Tourism hosted the convention so we supported the convention financially and also arranged 3 weeks visa for the members that wanted to stay for longer time. Also, arranged smooth entry in the airport and check points. In addition, we helped with municipalities and connecting to the local industry.

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