Industry Congratulates TnH for Travel & Tourism Awards 2015

Posted On Jan 20, 2015

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Industry Congratulates TnH for Travel & Tourism Awards 2015

Anil Parashar, President, ITQ
“I would like to congratulate the TnH team for hosting their second TnH Awards. These awards serve a unique platform to felicitate and recognize patrons of the Indian travel and tourism industry who have proved their vision and expertise on the global travel platform. TnH Awards recognizes and promotes excellence in tourism industry. I wish the TnH team all the very best so that they can continue to improve and innovate this platform and add more value to the travel industry.

Arjun Sharma, MD Le Passage to India
“In any sphere of life, felicitating high achievers is a very gratifying and encouraging gesture. Awards and recognition are an effective way to motivate better performance as also to set new benchmarks in different sectors of the industry. I wish Travel And Hospitality (TnH) the very best in their initiative to recognise and honour excellence in the field of travel and tourism.”

Subhash Goyal, President, IATO
“I am pleased to know that 2nd TnH Awards is taking place on 12th January, 2015. This award has been instituted to honour business leaders with outstanding qualities, and celebrate best practices within the world of travel and hospitality and recognize excellence in this sector. Given the interest and depth of knowledge in India’s tourism industry, I am sure you will ensure that only those who have delivered get the recognition. This will be an event of interaction with professionals. I am looking forward to the event and wish the event a big success.”

Ajay Bakaya, Executive Director, Sarovar Hotels
“Teamwork plays a very important role in hospitality world. Effort of each and every section together create memorable guest experiences. In such scenario, awards encourage peer-to-peer nominations and help in recognizing frontline staff contributions. The TnH Awards recognizes them in a very meaningful way. I believe the hospitality industry as a whole will benefit from these awards.”

Anil Chadha, GM ITC Maurya New Delhi
“I congratulate TnH for organizing its second travel & tourism awards (TnH Awards 2015) at ITC Maurya New Delhi on 12th January. I wish TnH awards a great success. Giving due recognition and honour to one’s efforts and success is very important for the overall progress and success of any sector as it encourages competition and innovation. I am sure this awards will boost the morale of the industry.”

Rajeev Nangia, COO, TRAC Representations (I)
“We congratulate Srishti Rai & her team on their hard work to organize the TnH Awards 2015. TnH is among the premier publications to report the Indian travel trade developments in the most accurate and unbiased manner. We wish TnH all the best for their endeavors and commend their effort to make valuable contributions to the field of travel trade journalism, networking and events. Thanks for appreciation of industry efforts.”

S M Shervani, MD, Shervani Hospitalities
“Awards are recognition of good work being done by various establishments in their field. It not only encourages one to follow best practices, but also allows us to continue to innovate, improve and compete in order to do better than the competition. This results in great service and guest satisfaction. I wish the TnH all the best for hosting this event and would wish to congratulate all the winners for their accomplishments.”


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