Hero of Hospitality Tower Club at Lebua Bangkok

Posted On Nov 10, 2014

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Hero of Hospitality Tower Club at Lebua Bangkok

The Lebua, Bangkok has taken the legendary Thai hospitality to a whole new level and combined it with breathtaking views, luxuriant suites and celebrated restaurants and bars. The result is a fabulous five star hotel where every moment is memorable.

I have been to Bangkok more than 20 times but I continue to go back for more. I just can’t get enough of the Kingdom. Credit is due here, to the Tourism Authority of Thailand; they always manage to keep their country on the top of the list of destinations for Indian travelers, in spite of any local troubles. Not surprisingly, I was in Bangkok again last month. What a fabulous time I had! After all these visits, I still never tire of strolling the flea markets, getting massages and hogging on the delicious food. This trip I decided to stay at the Tower Club at Lebua. The hotel was great! All the rooms were suites. The view from my two-bedroom suite on the 55th floor was stunning. The breakfast was delicious. The pool was relaxing. But then I expected nothing less from a 5- star luxury hotel with a reputed name like Lebua. What really made an impression on me was the personality of the hotel. Everyone in the tourism industry loves to throw around the word “hospitality” frivolously. The fact is that very few organizations actually understand what it means. The Tower Club at Lebua seems to be one of the rare few that have realized its essence. I say so because I instantly felt at home at the property. Sadly, my real home isn’t a skyscraper with 221 suites, which have breathtaking views of Bangkok and the Chao Phraya River.

Also, it doesn’t have world class bars and restaurants. To add to my woes, my house doesn’t have an efficient staff of hundreds working tirelessly behind the scenes like little elves and fairies to ensure that everything runs smoothly all the while constantly greeting me with warm and beeming smiles. But that’s a story for another day! I arrived late at night at the hotel. The minute I went to the reception I found that my room was ready for me and they were simply waiting for a passport copy so I could quickly check in and relax. This sounds very basic but at the end of a tiring journey, all a traveler really requires is a quick check-in so they can have a nice hot shower and jump into bed. Yet, it never ceases to surprise me that so many hotels make you wait at the front desk for what seems to be an eternity to get checked in. Now I am from the new generation and for me free and fast Wi-Fi is as much a necessity in a hotel as light, or housekeeping. I know, however, I am not the only one obsessed with the Internet. In today’s day and age Wi-Fi is essential to contact people, complete assignments and stay abreast of the latest happenings. Since, it is no longer a luxury a hotel charging astronomical prices to use their Wi-Fi is an outrage. To me, it is the equivalent of a hotel asking you to pay a part of their electricity bill or go Dutch on the salary of the concierge. The only thing that comes close to the unfair Wi-Fi rates at hotels are the charges for using the minibar. No can of Coke or bottle of Evian can cost so much unless the hotel industry is getting customized gold plated packaging stocked in their mini-bars. Hence, I was obviously satisfied to learn that the unlimited in-suite broadband Internet access and the mini-bar were complimentary. In fact, the hotel had gone the extra mile. I had access to the Tower Club Lounge from morning to evening. At the tower club lounge, I could enjoy a delicious continental breakfast buffet in morning, light lunch in afternoon, high tea in the evening or canapés and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the day. The following day I requested the concierge to make several restaurant bookings on my behalf. I promptly left to shop after that.

When I returned to my room the details of my reservations were neatly printed out and lying on the entrance table of my suite. I was also given suggestions of alternative restaurants I might want to try out. The concierge even called to remind of my bookings. It is these small gestures that will keep me coming back to the hotel. On my last evening staying at the property I decided to try one of the hotel’s restaurants- Breeze. My five-course Asian meal was sumptuous. I am not a big eater but I stuffed myself because it would be a shame to waste such utterly delicious food. Again, what I loved the most was the heart of the restaurant. Breeze is a fine dining restaurant and its stature has been rising consistently among food connoisseurs all over the world. However, it was nothing like the stuffy snooty fine dining restaurants I have eaten at before. The feeling of eating outdoors on the 58th floor while looking down at the beautifully lit- up river below and enjoying the breeze at such a high altitude was refreshing. The manager welcomed me with her affable smile and came to check on me after every course. After, the meal I felt I had gained a friend. In addition to the five pounds from hogging on all the food of course! In today’s fast paced, high-tech, ostentatious environment, I hear a lot of gimmicks hotels come up with to impress guests. They want to flash your name on the largest most high definition TV screens installed in your room and get your name embossed on the serviettes of their luxurious restaurants. All this is very nice no doubt, but what guests really need is hospitality.

There are thousands of hotels in Thailand alone. A lot are newer and more extravagantly done up than the Lebua. However, it is the service and hospitality of the hotel, which gives them a clear advantage over their competition. People prefer to deal with people they like, especially, when they plan to make the interaction recurring. I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to Deepak Ohri, CEO, Lebua and his entire team for learning how to develop lasting relationships with their guests and clients. I hope other hotels follow suit!

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