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Posted On Feb 19, 2015

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Prithviraj Singh Chug Director, Group Concorde

How do you feel about Group Concorde being honored with the ‘Most Outstanding GSA’ award at the Travel & Hospitality Awards 2014? What does winning this award mean to you?
The feeling is rewarding and that of happiness. We have always just focused on doing our work and making sure that all our clients and their products stand out in the market. Winning this award gives us a sense of achievement that all these years of deep market penetration and relationships that we have developed duly recognise our efforts. We hope we can continue this way.

What factors led to your company achieving such an outstanding position as a GSA?
We've proactively managed the day to day activities ourselves and the board/shareholders have directly been involved with the principals and customers. We believe that this business cannot be sustained if you're not on the ground yourself; teams without leaders always face challenges. The leadership of our Managing Director, Mr. Pukhraj Singh Chugh and the guidance of our CEO Mr. Jasraj Chug, have been instrumental in our growth so far.

What do your clients value most in your GSA business?
Our clients value that we are there for them around the clock. Furthermore, they value that we are a neutral entity and that we never compete with the other market players and focus purely on our GSA activity with no retail business.

What advice would you like to give to your generation of travel professionals who desire success?
It is tough for me to give advice to my peers as I'm a young professional in the industry myself. However, our managing director always encourages us to make sure that we are able to deliver value to our clients before we reap value for ourselves. That ways we create a win-win for everyone.

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