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Posted On Feb 19, 2015

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Dev Karvat Managing Director, TrawellTag Cover-More India

How do you feel about being honoured with the ‘Young Turk of the Year’ award at Travel & Hospitality Awards 2014? What does winning this award mean to you?
I’m humbled on being recognised as a ‘Young Turk’ within the industry. I thank the Travel & Hospitality Awards jury for recognising the significant milestones my organisation has reached in a short span under my headship. The New Year has started with great appreciation; it’s a real motivation booster to continue working with more zeal to provide our customers with best of services year round. This title gives me an added responsibility to grow each day and deliver nothing less than the best.

What factors and ideas led you to achieve such an outstanding position in the industry?
I began my association with the travel industry at an early age, and at a time when travel assistance services were nascent in India. That gave me an edge while building the foundation of TrawellTag Cover-More as we know it today. It is my passion for travelling and the inherent commitment to help travellers during times of need and help them make the most of their travel that got me into travel assistance services. Having said that, I think primarily, it is the unconditional dedication and support of my team at the organisation that has propelled me to the position I am in.

What are the vision and objectives of TrawellTag Cover-More?
We seek to create a new benchmark in the travel ancillary services industry in India by changing the dynamics of the relationship with customers, through optimisation of the way we offer products and reaching out to all the travellers—not just the ones who claim. We aspire to be the ‘trusted partner’ of the majority of travel agents in India and help them lift travel insurance from a commodity to a ‘must-have’. Our key objective is to deliver the best value and stellar service to all our customers so that TrawellTag Cover-More becomes not only their first choice to travel with, but also the one that they recommend to their families and to their friends.

What advice would you like to give to the next generation travel professionals who desire success in this industry?
Focus on innovation; deep understanding of customer needs and excellent foresight on market trends and changing scenarios are the three key mantras for anyone willing to mark their presence in the industry. In a domain like travel and hospitality, it is imperative to address customer needs and enhance their overall experience to achieve success.

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