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Posted On Apr 5, 2014

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Blue Square Consultants has been in operation for over four years and is consistently growing. The company has grown from being a representation company to a service solution provider. “We have established ourselves as the trusted service provider in the tourism industry as we consistently deliver quality to all our clients in sync with their plans for the Indian market. We started off with providing professional services to tourism boards seeking to enter the Indian market. From working with one tourism board in our first year, today we have a portfolio which consists of several tourism boards, DMC’s and hospitality brands,” said Sheerazi.

Throwing lights on core areas of activities of Blue Square, Sheerazi said that Blue Square Consultants is a leading niche destination representation and marketing communication management firm in India. “Our aim is to promote and develop the business of international travel products in India. Anchored in Mumbai, we provide 360º services customized to clients' needs which include working on need-based assignments.”

With access to over 10,000 travel agents across the country and a combined database of over 450 media houses, Blue Square delivers plans with verifiable results and enhanced profitability in a cost effective manner. Making all this possible is a young, talented and professional team that provides holistic and innovative solutions in the travel and tourism sector.

Enumerating the services of Blue Square, Sheerazi said, “In a nutshell, our services consist of providing consultancy services, conducting market research, initiating consumer promotions, conceptualizing marketing communications, managing public relations, conducting product training, exhibitions and trade shows and achieving sales targets.”

Vision and objectives
At Blue Square, people are driven by “the power of three”. This power of three is “a fascinating combination of innovation, creativity and freshness.” Explaining Vision and objectives of Blue Square Sheerazi said, “Our vision is to be the pioneer in our industry. We are a tourism solution provider with expertise in destination marketing, trade sales and public relations. Our objective is to help our clients understand and engage effectively with the rapidly increasing and dynamic outbound market called India.”

Future of travel representation biz in India
With the increase in the middle class as the Indian economy has improved significantly, the UNWTO has rated the Indian market as one that is bound to be a major outbound nation in the coming years,” noted Sheerazi. “Therefore, any country that is serious about promoting tourism cannot afford to ignore India. It is for this reason that several destinations are keen to start marketing activities in India. However, making foray into a market as diverse as India can be quite daunting. Hence, it is always more helpful to use the services of a well-established representation company. The market knowledge, network and hands-on expertise of a representation company go a long way in pushing a brand in the market.”

Future of Indian outbound travel
According to Sheerazi, Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world at present, and India has emerged as a major outbound market over the past decade as a result of its large population, expanding economy, emerging middle class and liberalizing travel and aviation environment. The increase in disposable income has energized the sector to grow further and accordingly the outbound tourism is on its positive growth, said Sheerazi. She noted that the size of the Indian middle class currently stands at approximately more than 350 million, roughly the size of the population of the US and growing at an estimated 40-50 million annually. “With 17% of the world’s population, India is ranked as one of the top five countries for potential outbound travel. The number of Indians travelling overseas is set to rise from nearly 15 million at present to 50 million by 2020. According to a recently released Amadeus-Frost & Sullivan tourism industry report, Indians travelling to Asia-Pacific alone spent $13.3 billion in 2011. This figure is set to zoom to $91 billion by 2030, making Indians the second-biggest spenders, after China, in the world on overseas travel,” said Sheerazi.

“Our vision is to be the pioneer in our industry. We want to provide 360º services customized to a clients' needs which include working on need-based assignments.”

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